Initially on a trial basis, paid parking at the car park diagonally opposite our Church will be made available on Sundays with effect from 3 July from morning till noon.


We thank God for Mayor Denise Phua and the relevant Government bodies that worked with us and helped our church secure this privilege.


Please DO NOTE and ABIDE BY the following conditions regarding the use of this car park on Sundays:


1) Do remember that it is PAID parking, and it will be open to members of the public, including our congregation members, to park their cars. Entrance to the car park is along Upper Weld Road.


2) There is to be NO parking at 9 reserved lots (1, 2, 3, 4, 39, 40, 41, 42 & 43) that will be clearly indicated by signboards, as these lots will be used later in the day by vendors selling items to migrant workers. (See the diagram above)


3) Do NOT enter this car park to park your car after NOON.


4) Must drive your car out of the car park before 1.30 pm, as the car park will be closed after that. And if your car is left in the car park after 1.30 pm, you will be issued a summons by the URA. If so, no request for waiver of this offence will be entertained.


5) Should your car be stuck in the car park after it is closed, even if we wanted to, our church will not be in a position to assist you and you may have wait till the car park is next re-opened to drive it out.


6) Do NOT park your car any longer in front of the church along Kampong Kapor Road. This privilege has been withdrawn.


THANK YOU for your co-operation and let all of us who use this car park be mindful of our Christian witness to the public, and especially the community around our church.


REQUEST: Congregation members who are more mobile are requested to park your cars at other car parks situated slightly further away in order that our elderly members, and members with very young children, will be able to park at this car park.


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