(#12th CBE) ON 28 March 2020


Date: 28 Mar 2020 (Sat)

Time: 9:30am to 4.30pm

(5 slots: 20 persons are needed per slot and you may sign up for more than 1 slot)

In light of COVID-19, we will not be able to go out in the usual manner of knocking on doors and interacting with those at home, as we pass them a gift from KKMC.

This time round, we will instead just quietly hang a gift bag (containing a hand sanitiser & other relevant items) on the door handle of each unit, and leave without having to engage the residents in anyway. As you can see, the items that will be given are meant to help and encourage the residents to continue to look after themselves and keep healthy.

To Sign up, please register at https://forms.gle/7rLHGWGAMG4ZdCnz7.





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