Our History

It all began in November 1890, in the downstairs study room of the Deaconess Home in Sophia Room. Upon request, Miss Sophia Blackmore, missionary to Singapore, started a Sunday Malay language worship service. The little group included 25 “native” girls from the mission hostel, boys from Epworth Home and Malay-speaking Christian workers from the neaby Mission Press and the 2 missionaries.

On Thursday 25 January 1894, this little group moved to “The Christian Institute” at 155 Middle Road to function as a church. At 7.30pm that evening, 6 full and 16 preparatory members were organised as the first Malay Quarterly Conference chaired by the presiding elder, Rev R W Munson. The “Malay Church” was formed with (Cpt) Rev William Shellabear undertaking pastoral charge. 3 days later, the sunday school was officially organised with about 40 students. “Sunday” school was carried out on weekdays as well. Work in the Church was clearly evangelistic.

Rev Shellabear and about a dozen young men held street and kampong meetings in Malay. Meanwhile, Miss Blackmore and her team of women as well as women missionaries made a deep impression on Baba women and children as they distributed tracts, sang hymns, visited several hundred “native” Straits-born Chinese women in their homes and held Sunday School for “native” children in their homes and along five-foot ways.

The church soon outgrew the Middle Road building. As a result a new building was constructed in Kampong Kapor Road. It was completed in 1930 and the church became known as The Straits Chinese Methodist Church (Bickley Memorial). This reflected the largely Chinese membership and the large donation which the family and friends of Bishop Bickley made for the building.

In 1957, the church was renamed Kampong Kapor Methodist Church. She celebrated her hundredth birthday in January 1994 and 125th birthday in January 2019.

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