• KKMC Pastoral Team

Pastoral Letter - 8 April 2021

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Hi KKMC members and friends

I wish us all God’s grace and peace be with you. I hope that last week we were able to meaningfully reflect once again on Jesus’ loving sacrifice on the cross for us as well as joyously celebrate His victory over sin and death as the Risen Lord.

I am happy to share that, following the submission of our safe management plans, we have received notice from MCCY that we may proceed to have congregational singing with masks on where worshippers are sitting 1m apart from each other as in our current seating arrangement in the Sanctuary. As such, we will start doing so this coming Sunday, 11 Apr at all our Worship Services. We praise God for this development as I am sure that we have all been looking forward to singing again in worship to God, both individually and congregationally, during the Worship Services.

With the opportunity now for the congregation to sing with masks on in worship of God, we want to encourage more KKMC members and friends to attend our Worship Services every Sunday. For our English Congregation, there is seating usually available at all 8am Worship Services on all Sundays, and the 10am Service on Sundays other than the 1st Sunday. Members can go to our church website to check how many seats are available and book as needed. For our Mandarin and Tamil Congregations, please check with the respective Ministry leaders on seating availability for each Sunday. (A reminder also for the English Congregation, that for the time being, the Sacrament of Holy Communion is conducted on both the 1st and 2nd Sundays of the month to help more to partake in this Sacrament at church.)

On the matter of the live-streaming of our English Worship Services, after much discussion and prayer by the team involved regarding the manpower needed to do so, we have decided it would be best to continue live-streaming only the 10am Worship Service from 18 April onward. As we continue to develop this ministry, anyone interested to serve in the live-streaming team, please let me know.

Finally, just as I ended the March Pastoral Letter, my prayer again is that all of us continue to trust God and to commit to faithfully praying, as we continue to do our best to conduct safe and meaningful Worship Services at KKMC to the Glory of God and the edification of our congregation members! We certainly are look forward to meeting more and more KKMC members and friends, both old and young, back at church to worship our great God.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name.” (Psa 103:1)

God Bless and take care.

Ps Kenneth