Praying for KKMC in 2020


Pray that







An Authentic Community in Christ

1 John 1:7 (NRSV)


7 but if we walk in the light as he himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.


Acts 2:43-47 (NRSV)

42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. 43 Awe came upon everyone, because many wonders and signs were being done by the apostles. 44 All who believed were together and had all things in common; 45 they would sell their possessions and goods and distribute the proceeds to all, as any had need. 46 Day by day, as they spent much time together in the temple, they broke bread at home and ate their food with glad and generous hearts, 47 praising God and having the goodwill of all the people. And day by day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved.


The early church gave us the model to be an authentic community in Christ, even as they understood that they were connected to God, and one another, in Jesus. As we focus this year on building an authentic community, we give thanks to God for the community that He has already built within Kampong Kapor Methodist Church and we pray that He will continue to build us in spiritual maturity that we might, in greater measure, love Him, love His Word and love His people.

Thank God for:

1. Making us connected to Him in Jesus and thereby connected to one another also.

2. His faithfulness and good work in and through KKMC in the last 126 years.

3. The fruit borne from the activities in the celebration of our 125th Anniversary as well as all the other ongoing activities.

4. The people who came to salvation and those who received baptism in the last year.


Pray for:

1. KKMC congregation members to have the spirit of the early church and experience the joy of worshipping and serving together, even as we are connected to one another in Jesus and to care for one another.

2. Each person to be spiritually empowered – spending more daily time with God, praying for the church, attending discipleship and other Bible training programmes, committing to serve in at least one area of church ministry and overall,  always to be conscious that we are to live our lives for the sake of the gospel.

3. The pastoral team and church leaders to have a spirit of wisdom and God’s revelation to know the right things to do, and a loving, compassionate heart to shepherd members.

4. The ministries of the church – for a listing, please refer to the “Church Life” on this website.

5. The church to be a channel of blessing to the community. Pray for good relationships with people in the community as well as the organisations. Pray that we will be a welcoming church and the Lord will draw more and more to seek Him and find hope in Him.

6.The growth of our witness locally and in the missions fields we are involved in. Pray for breakthroughs where there is hard ground and major obstacles.

Church Prayer - March 2020


Pray for KKMC

Pray that we will, in KKMC’s 126th year, build on the work and fruit that the Lord has blessed us with in our 125th year. Pray that we will be active listeners and doers of God’s Word, and help be and grow as the Authentic Community that is truly connected and caring as God wants us to be


Children’s Ministry

Thank God for:

  1. The parents who participated in the recent Parents- Teachers Fellowship and the good time of fellowship despite the COVID-19 measures in place.

  2. Smooth execution of the measures put in place for CM.

  3. Parents who brought the children for classes and their co-operation.

  4. Teachers being able to adapt quickly to the changes put in place.

Pray for:

  1. Good health and protection of the children and teachers.

  2. The new teachers, that they will bond with the children and learn quickly to teach effectively.

  3. A successful test in the use of technology for remote learning, if required.

  4. More parents to attend service and bring their children to Sunday school.


Family Life

1. Family Life Committee

Thank you, O Lord, for all members of the Family Life Committee and sub-committees who serve wholeheartedly in helping church members and friends build closer relationships with each other and with you.  We thank you for blessing all the activities that the committee has organized over the years.   We thank you for all the participants whom you have blessed through these activities.

We pray that in this time of uncertainty, may you lead and guide the committee as we find certainty in you.  Whatever plans that you want the committee to carry out, may nothing stop them. May the members seek you and find that rest and reflection in you.

2. Alpha Marriage Course

We thank you for the period of rest that the Alpha Marriage Course sub-committee is now enjoying.  May they be rejuvenated and refreshed for the journey before them.

3. PSLE Focus Group Sub-Committee

We thank you for the opportunity for the PSLE Focus Group sub-committee to hold the monthly sessions online in light of the current situation.  May all the parents continue to receive timely support and relief through the online discussions.

4. Marriage Preparation Course

Thank you for the six couples who have signed up for the Marriage Preparation Course being conducted by Ming Cherng throughout the four Saturdays of March.  May you speak powerfully through Ming Cherng so that the relationships of all the participants will be strengthened in you.  We pray for your protection on everyone involved so that everyone will remain in good health and good cheer throughout the course.

5. ‘Art of Parenting’ Course

Thank you for the 40 parents who attended last July’s 'Art of Parenting' course.  We pray that more parents will see the need to be adequately equipped spiritually, emotionally and mentally. We also pray that more parents will come together to be in a community that journeys along with each other in raising the next generation in our church.  We pray for your guidance for the sub-committee as to the organizing of this year’s run of the ‘Art of Parenting’ course expected to start in July.

We put our trust in you and entrust all the plans of the committee to you.


Prayer Ministry

Thank God for teaching us the power of prayer through this COVID-19 time of uncertainty.


  • That all of us commit to praying faithfully daily in all circumstances and to ask the Lord to make us strong and healthy in mind, body and soul.

  • For more people to step up to serve in the Prayer Ministry




  • Glory to God for bringing ladies to KKMC Women’s Bible Study on 22 Feb 2020. Praise God for the ladies’ willingness to come and study God’s Word together.  Thank God for His protection and His blessed assurance.


  1. That the Women’s Bible Study may be a relevant and impactful one for the ladies; that they will be inspired by God’s truths and be encouraged to seek Him daily.

  2. For EXCO members to serve God wholeheartedly in their respective roles, God’s wisdom to plan & organise relevant activities for the ladies in 2020 for God’s glory; that WSCS will continue to reach out to ladies and grow together in our Christian walk.

  3. That WSCS may be a platform for all ladies to come together to know Christ, serve Him, love each other and journey together as sisters in-Christ.


Discipleship and Nurture

1. Adult Bible Class - Ephesians

Thank God for the 33 persons who have signed up.

Pray for

  • Protection of time and health for all participants; regular attendance and personal preparation. 

  • The study of God’s Word to strengthen our growth as an authentic community.  

2. Upper Room Experience 

Pray for the preparation and training of new facilitators, that they will enjoy and be blessed by a deeper understanding of Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples. 


Other ministries to pray for:

Worship & Music; Young Adults; Youth Ministry





Pray that God will make us a spiritually vibrant and caring community as we depend on Jesus Christ, the chief cornerstone, through whom we are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by His Spirit. (Eph 2:22)


Pastoral Team, Church Leaders and Church Office

Thank God for the Pastoral Team, Church Leaders and Church Staff for faithful service and being examples of servant leadership.

Pray for them:

  1. Romans 15:5-6 - “May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, 6 so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

  2. During this Covid-19 season, an extra portion of strength and good health as they deal with the uncertain and the unexpected, as well as wisdom, patience and loving care in their interactions with congregation members.


Life Group Ministry


  1. For the safety of all LGs thus far, and pray for continued protection from Covid-19, and for faith to grow in this trial.

Pray that

  1. LGs will not be afraid to meet, taking the necessary precautions, in order to encourage one another in such a time.

  2. In this "storm" LGs do not lose sight of the opportunities to forge authentic communities in their groups.


Pray for the Weak, the Sick and their Caregivers:

That those who are not well may all receive the grace and healing for God in the midst of their pain, and for those who are caring for them to receive the wisdom and strength of God.


Other ministries to pray for:

Seniors Ministry; Mandarin Ministry, Tamil Ministry, Peranakan Ministry.



Pray for all of us to be a light for Jesus in the communities we are placed in – in Little India, in schools and in our workplace, and to be good examples especially during the current COVID-19 situation.



Boys’ Brigade 2nd Company

Thank God for: 

  1. Giving us 15 recruits this year.

  2. 6 Primers (post-secondary Boys)

  3. The Boys’ good results in both O levels and A levels.

Pray for:

  1. Wisdom for Officers to continue some aspects of the programme for the Boys that was disrupted by the COVID-19.

  2. New young officers to come forward to serve in BB.

  3. Wisdom in running the new pilot programme being implemented for the sec 1 Boys.


Boys’ Brigade 60th Company

Thank God for:

  1. 14 new Year 1 Recruits and 22 new Year 5 Primers. 

  2. The recently graduated Year 6 batch, who have just received their A-Level results. Some joined our trip to Lahu last year and continue to meet in community group this year.

  3. 5 alumni who have come back to serve in various capacities on a project-basis.

  4. Good understanding and cooperation among all stakeholders to adjust our programmes and still have a 'full though different' programme despite COVID-19.   

Pray for:

  1. Year 4 leaders to be encouraged despite the cancellation of their hard-planned March Adventure Camp. Likewise, for the Boys whose signature annual events - e.g. BB Blaze Adventure Race - were cancelled/postponed; that new members would find occasions to integrate well, despite the cancellation / postponement of these signature activities. 

  2. The Year 3 batch as they prepare to step up to leadership in about three months' time.  

  3. Wisdom as officers, Teachers, and Boys plan for the year ahead and make changes for 2020; that we would put the Boys and the Object of the Brigade first in all things. 

Girls’ Brigade 45th Company

Psalm 90:12 Teach us to number our days carefully that we may develop wisdom in our hearts.

2020 Theme: Living with purpose and wisdom - we are created for a glorious purpose!

Thank God:

  1. For bringing 22 new Y1s to join GB. We pray that God will help us shepherd these new sheep with wisdom and love.

  2. And praise Him for crucial HQ activities, like the Leadership Conference for Staff Sergeants that were completed in early January before the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Pray for:

  1. Please pray that the girls will grow individually and as a company in the theme chosen (Psa 90:12) for the year, through weekly devotions, badgework and purpose-driven activities. 

  2. Unity of hearts and minds, flexibility, resilience, understanding and support from GB girls and their parents with respect to changes and constant updates that need to be made to GB programmes in view of COVID-19 measures.

  3. God’s wisdom for officers and student exco to identify crucial objectives and aims in cancelled programmes and camps. Reliance upon God for wisdom to fulfil these objectives creatively within the constraints of the COVID-19 measures during normal GB sessions. In place of anxiety and panic, may 45th remain united in prayer as we learn to entrust our challenges to the LORD and experience Him fulfilling His greater purposes for GB in this season. 

  4. Unity amongst the large cohort of Y1s; God’s guidance for a good mentorship programme that pairs each Y1 with a GB senior so that no one will be left out or uncared for; that God will help the Y1s to bond and integrate smoothly into the GB company and programme. 

  5. Y1s will be doing squad rotations for 3 weeks before official allocation to these 5 squads (Levites-worship, Gideon-drill & discipline, Agape-welfare, Heralds-publications, Phileo-bonding & games). Pray that God will help them choose their permanent squads according to their passions and giftings in a way that will help them develop and grow during their 4 years in GB.

  6. God’s provision of required manpower, resources and approvals needed for fruitful running of drill tests and scaled-down activities during March holidays (17-18 March).

  7. Term 1 tests and assessments in March – Girls to have good time management and God-guided revision. Pray especially for strength and health of the Year 4 student exco as they manage a heavy CCA workload and final year studies; God-guided studying and good memory for National PBB written test for Year 4s at GBHQ on 28 March. 

  8. God’s favour and protection of GB ministry in school and amongst girls and parents; continued opened doors and opened hearts.



Thank God for:

  1. All the blessings showered on the Kindergarten.

  2. The Kindergarten attaining SPARK, an endorsement from ECDA that KKMCK is a quality preschool.

  3. The teachers for walking through with the Kindergarten during the assessment and their contribution towards us attaining SPARK.

  4. Vivian’s constant support, encouragement and trust in the teaching and non-teaching staff.

  5. The blessings on the children, their safety, and for the trust the parents have in the Kindergarten.


  1. For the teachers' health and safety

  2. For Ms Teo's mother, that she will stay in good health, and there will be suitable caregiver to attend to her.

  3. That, with the SPARK accreditation, the teachers will persevere, maintain its standards, and bring the Kindergarten to greater heights.



The measures put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 has affected the residents and the community programmes and activities they participate in. Please pray for:

1. Seniors Corner – for wisdom when to reactivate the Friday gatherings. Pray for the seniors that they might keep in good spirits in this time when many of the activities they usually participate in have been curtailed.

2. Breakfast with Love – that God will make the way for this programme to be held on 21 March, that it will be conducted safely and with good support from volunteers and participants.

(Breakfast with Love is a bonding programme organised with the Kg Glam Rowell Court RC where elderly residents befriend each other and younger people through exercise, breakfast, singing and fun.)

3. Community Blessing Effort, 28 March – for good sign-up from congregation members to help out on 28 March; that residents would appreciate our care and effort despite the fact that we are not having direct contact with them and only leaving the gifts at their doors.

4. The health and safety of all residents and those working in the area. Pray that all will be socially responsible and follow all the recommended protective measures.



Community Leaders

Pray for community leaders as they oversee and carry out all the measures to contain the spread of Covid-19.


Other ministries to pray for:

Outreach & Social Concerns, Kampong Kapor Community Services




Pray that we may step up in bold witness of the gospel as God opens the door for His message to be heard, especially in this time when fears and anxieties prevail.


Witness & Evangelism

Alpha Course

  1. We will be postponing our Mar-May Alpha in KKMC as a number of guests have indicated that they cannot commit to attending all the sessions for now. Please pray they will return for the Sep-Nov run of the Alpha Course.  Please pray we will be able to run the Sep Alpha Course in KKMC. 

  2. Pray for the Alpha team as they look into the option of running Alpha remotely for our BB Primers.  




Patrick and Yin Heng

  1. Praise God for a family who wishes to transit to long term service.  They are looking to God for continued support from their church. Pray also for suitable MK support for their 2 primary school daughters. They serve in a physically challenging remote area.

  2. Pray for daily grace and health.


Chee Yee

  1. Chee Yee has been appointed the Crisis Manager for Cru to help manage the ministry in the midst of COVID-19. Please pray for respective ministry leaders. Local campus ministry operations are affected. Pray for Chee Yee as he works with campus student leaders on alternate platform especially for the upcoming freshman enrolment.

  2. All overseas ministry trips to Asia are on hold till further notice. 

  3. Collab2Reach conference has reformatted from a large group gathering to a digital online platform. Pray that participants are open to a new way of learning.


Please pray for a writer to come on board for our Real Mums Sg (social media platform via FB to reach non-Christian moms).


Kelvin Quak

Kelvin will be in Singapore until travel restrictions due to COVID-19 is lifted. He has been ministering to a former big brother of a gang who is now suffering from cancer. Kelvin and Preacher Paul led that person to Christ last week.

Kelvin is also involved in the prisons ministry in Singapore. He met a person who was arrested for drug addiction and later found to be in possession of more than 15 grams of drugs.  The person’s elderly mother is praying for him to be given a second chance. Pray for Kelvin as he ministers to both the person and the mother.


Hope and Joy

  1. Health 
    The pollution in the city is extremely bad, with daily pm2.5 readings that hover in the very unhealthy range. For Joy it has set off her asthmatic cough since returning, and this does not augur well in these times of the virus epidemic, and as foreigners returning from Singapore. Please pray for God to stabilise her respiratory situation.

  2. Visa
    The measures for each country in the region to contain the virus epidemic has affected our visa run options. As we write, the process for our application to extend inland (without having to leave the country) and to convert our visa type is in progress. Please pray for God to protect the process and our passports, and to make a way for us to continue being here.

  3. Ministry 
    The suspension of schools till the middle of March has also suspended our Joy Kids classes. We welcome the hiatus because it has opened up time for us to have some important conversations with our team and to receive our field leader visits. At the same time ministry with the church continues. 

  4. The Factory

Praise God for the definite partnership for the setting up of a staff training and welfare programme in the factory. 12 women responded to the altar call last Christmas. BN has traditionally been a hard ground for the Christian gospel. Please pray.

We just received news that our dear friend and owner of the factory was just diagnosed last week with Stage 1 liver cancer. We need to pray together as we take up our positions in the frontlines. God is faithful and good, He is a God who heals. Praise God for the early discovery, It is God's healing intervention.


Amos and Jennifer


  1. That the Holy Spirit will give the youths, young adults and adults of the two current Interlocked classes a deeper understanding and appreciation of God and His Word. Pray that they will get good answers to questions that they have.

  2. For the Partners in the Paraguay team as they teach Module 1 of the Spanish version of Interlocked for the first time in Panama. Ask for God's wisdom as the leadership team prays for direction on how best to teach and distribute the lessons in Paraguay and the surrounding Latin American countries.




  1. Rev Tarwin Khongsukthara, Pastor-In-Charge of Santi Methodist Church has passed the Thai Field Board of Ministry requirements for ordination as Elder. Rev Tarwin will be ordained by Bishop later this year.

  2. On 20 Feb, Rev Panya and Rev Pisut visited some non-believers in Payakorngdee to pray for the sick. A few came to faith in Christ.






Paul Masih and Amandeep Kaur (Nawanshar, Punjab)

Thank God:

  1. For the opportunity to share the gospel with 35 new persons as well as pray for them. We were enabled by God to distribute gospel tracts to 150 persons.

  2. That there has been no opposition whatsoever in our mission field so far. His banner of protection is over this work and us.

  3. Last December, we had carol rounds, and were able to share the good news in song and gospel messages. We also held a gospel rally at Balachur, 400 attended this rally, during New Year we had special services, we shared great food with all those who came, thank God everything went on well, and all were blessed.


Samuel Abraham and Ivy (Malkangiri, Odisha)


  1. The MV 4 church is growing; the church which had only one family of active believers in 2012 now has 16 families, and 4 new families came to the Lord in Jan 2020. Praise God. Mr Yesudos Soren, our BMin trainee, is actively engaged in nurturing this church. Praise God!

  2. March 22 is Graduation Day for our 22 BTh students and 20 BMin (BILO/CGAI) trainees. For most of the BTh students it is their first Degree.  Please pray for all of them to complete their final paper and the remaining exams and write ups.

  3. Two new classrooms were dedicated on 14 Feb by our National Leaders, We are looking forward to have at least 36 classrooms (presently 26), and other facilities in the future. Please pray.


  1. Some of our new local leaders are struggling with the institutional aspects of ministry - like planning and accounting.  Please pray for these internal issues. 

  2. Some surrounding villages have said 'No' to the Gospel so our local evangelists are looking for new villages for ministry.


  1. Thank God for the new sound system for the Sanctuary. Pray that the testing and implementation will be completed smoothly and quickly.

  2. Pray that God will guide the LCEC as we continue, through online communications, to attend to church matters. 



Pray for our Spiritual Leaders: Bishop Dr Chong Chin Chung, TRAC President Rev Dr Gordon Wong, and District One Superintendent Rev Alvin Chan, as they shepherd and guide us, and provide leadership in matters of the Methodist Church and TRAC.



Pray for

  • An effective marshalling of resources to combat COVID-19. Pray especially for countries that are seeing a rise in the number of infections but do not have the necessary resources or whose authorities are ill-prepared.

  • An effective effort to bring down the incidence of dengue in Singapore.

  • Healing and help for those who had been badly injured in the communal violence in New Delhi arising from the passing of a new citizenship law.









This prayer bulletin is for circulation among Kampong Kapor Methodist Church congregation members only

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