This Week's Prayer Focus


THANK GOD for His faithfulness to MCS these past 135 years and His grace in beginning, sustaining and growing Methodist churches in Singapore and beyond. PRAY that MCS is truly “Loving God, Serving Together” always. AMEN!

Prayer In Practice:

The crisis that has arisen with the spread of the coronavirus has probably prompted us to pray with greater intensity and urgency. Amidst the deluge of news, safety advice and so on, have been some purposeful prayer pointers and two sources are shared here. Please refer to the web links for the full content of the prayer letters.


Bethesda Frankel Estate Church, 24 Jan

Gist of prayer letter: Confess our dependence on God. We can rest fearlessly in Him. Pray for containment and turnaround to the situation; protection for the vulnerable and those on frontline; wisdom, competence and favour for officials to maintain public health and order.


Wuhan Pastor: Pray with Us, Jan 28 ChinaSource or

Gist of prayer letter: Seek the peace of Christ to reign in hearts. Tribulations may not be punishment but a new opportunity to grow nearer God, to purify the soul and proclaim gospel. Pray for peace for the city, those afflicted, medical personnel on front lines, government officials, for all people of Wuhan. Comfort friends and loved ones – our lives are not in our hands but we entrust our lives to God who is faithful and true.

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